Postpartum Herbs Care and Practice

Flourishing: Part 1

In this section, we take your healing to the next level. This is all about giving you and your home the love it needs. It’s also about detoxifying your body and home of harsh chemicals. But don’t worry. Detoxing also means simply eliminating your exposure to these chemicals. And that’s exactly what we are doing

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Learning Motherhood: Part 2

In this short video, you’ll learn: The role of your hormones in your healing. The 3 biggest factors that cause imbalance. Recipes and tools you needs to support your hormones fully. Take a second to journal all the symptoms you may be feeling. Note that every single one could directly be caused by the same

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Learning Motherhood: Part 1

In this video, you’ll learn: How sleep impacts healing, breastfeeding, immune system, and hormone balance. The real reason babies wake often at night. How to use herbals and essential oils to support the natural rhythms of sleep. Pick one recipe in the book that you would like to incorporate into your nightly sleep routine. How

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Early Postpartum Weeks: Part 3

In this video, you’ll learn: The power of breastfeeding and common concerns. The importance of supporting women through learning how to feed their baby. 5 ways to ensure you reach your breastfeeding goals. Take a minute to assess your own breastfeeding goals. What can you do to support yourself to reaching them? What can you

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Early Postpartum Weeks: Part 2

In this quick video, you’ll learn: The significance of cesarean birth and how it will impact your overall healing experience. The necessary components to supporting your body after surgery. Additional recipes and remedies to support your healing beyond what’s in the Book of Natural Healing. If you’ve had a cesarean recently, consider adding in a

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Early Postpartum Weeks: Part 1

In this video, you’ll learn: How long postpartum truly is and how it impacts the rest of your life. The connection between postpartum and overall body healing. The 4 best healers for postpartum. One of my favorite methods of healing is the use of a journal. Consider getting a journal to write your experiences in

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Safety First

In this video, you’ll learn: How to use herbs, oils, and natural remedies safely. How to maximize the effectiveness of the recipes included. Safety guidelines everyone needs to know. Take a minute to assess any pre-existing conditions and medication you may be taking. Speak to your providers about any herbs, essential oils, or natural remedies

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The Mother’s Path

, First off, CONGRATULATIONS on creating life! That is certainly no small feat. If anything, you deserve some royal treatment. And that’s exactly what this section is all about. The next several videos are addressing the first few months of postpartum. If you aren’t in this place, no worries. You may find that much of

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